2019 Maryland Whitetail Deer Rut Predictions

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Wellsville Daily Reporter Hot mid November rut predicted for 2019

A Deer Biologists Dissection Rut

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The Maryland Rut Facts are, that in any given year, you can always count on the Very Best 2 weeks each year (give or take a few days) to be Nov. 5th -Nov. 19th. My personal favorite day each year is Veterans Day November 11th. On this day the Rut its is always “ON” somewhere in Maryland.

I believe the majority of Maryland does become “Hot” or ready to breed 10-20 days after the first frost in your area. Most of the does are breed each year in a 2-3 week period. Remember each Doe only stays “Hot” for only 24-48 hours, so if its not happening in your area try someone else.

If you don’t get a buck during the first 3 weeks of the rut, don’t give up . Why ?? because the very last week before Gun Season, or “Thanksgiving Week” , the Big Bucks are still looking for the very last does to breed and they are willing to reach out further and take more chances. Some of the Biggest Maryland Bucks each year are taken the very last Saturday or just days before the gun season starts. I have personally see Big Bucks tagged then and this is also when i got my Biggest Maryland Buck ever, a 14 pointer! (photo shown below) Tagged Saturday November 21, 1992, 7:15 am, one week before the Maryland Gun or Firearms Season started.

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My Best Buck to date, 14 Pointer, #1 Maryland Non Typical Buck of 1992, Tagged November 21, 1992 7:15 AM (the last Saturday before Gun Season ) My Gear/ PSE Carroll Intruder Compound Bow, Easton 2413 arrow, Broadhead NAP 100 Grain Thunderhead 3 blade

Here is a interesting video on Hunting Weather patterns during the Rut