Best Months to Hunt Bucks

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Best Months to Hunt Bucks in Maryland

Nothing beats Real Life experience stats, to find out the Very Best Months to hunt Bucks, see my monthly Bucks chart below, these Bucks where harvested from 1981-2014

As you can see November is the Very Best month to get a Buck, the rut kicks in for 3 weeks and gun season starts before the month ends in most years, here in Maryland. My favorite single day to hunt each year is November 11th, you just have to be in the woods on that day!, if you do you have a very good chance of seeing a buck somewhere. I think January is the toughest month to get a buck, you have to hunt hard and pick your days for the weather and for day light movement of the bucks. I have only been successful once in 33 years of getting a buck in January. I got that nice 9pt. buck with a crossbow January 15th, that was a truly a trophy buck to me.

Best month to hunt Bucks chart 1981-2013

I hope you find this chart helpful or interesting, thanks Dave

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