Maryland Antler Restrictions

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Maryland Antler Restrictions


There is a statewide antler point restriction (APR) on some, but not all, of the antlered deer a hunter may harvest during the license year. No more than two antlered deer taken during a license year may have two points or less per antler present. Within the yearly bag limit, a hunter may harvest any number of antlered deer that have three or more points on at least one antler. These deer may be taken in any order within the existing bag limit. Junior hunters that possess a valid Junior Hunting License (or junior hunters that are exempt from the licensing requirement) are NOT required to comply with the antler point restriction during any of the deer seasons.

Maryland Antler Point Restrictions, Explained in case someone is not sure, in Maryland you can only Harvest “2 bucks” per year that have “Two or Fewer Points” on each antler present, (that’s a 2 buck limit on bucks 4 points or less) with include all spikes with antlers longer than 3 inches in length (spikes that are 3 inches or less count as a doe tag) Why do they count as a doe tag? because antlers less than 3″ inches can be hidden from the Hunters sight by the deer’s ears.

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