Which Deer Hunting Season is in Now? 

WHITETAIL DEER & SIKA DEER  Early Muzzleloader Season Statewide Regions A & B , Thursday October 22nd –Saturday October 24th Buck or Doe, (Region A only gets there 3 days) , REGION B ONLY gets 6 more “Anterless Doe only” Muzzleloader days Monday October 26th – October 31st DOE ONLY ,in Region B “Archery” hunters only can harvest a Buck with Archery weapons only during these 6 “Doe Only” Muzzleloader days Monday Oct 26th-Saturday Oct 31st  Archery Hunters must wear ORANGE when hunting during any Muzzleloader or Firearms seasons! ( date may include Sundays in certain counties, see 2020-2021 Maryland Guide to Hunting & Trapping)

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Whitetail Deer : The statewide combined total antlered white-tail bag limit for Archery, Muzzleoader and Firearms Seasons is now (2). Hunters in Region B will be able to tale a third antlered deer with purchase of a Bonus Deer Stamp. Only 1 Antlered deer can be harvested & tagged per day.

To make it more clear to understand, in Region A , a hunter can only tag 2 Bucks for the whole hunting season. Just 2 bucks period!!!!! (no bonus Deer/Buck stamps in Region A) A hunter cannot tag 2 both bucks in one of the Archery, Muzzleloader, Firearms seasons, Region A , Remember its 2 total Bucks for the year and no more than 1 in any weapon season.

in Region B, a hunter can tag up to 3 bucks total for the year. A hunter can only get a 2nd buck if you purchase a Bonus deer stamp. A hunter may not tag 3 bucks in any one of the Archery, Muzzleloader , Firearms seasons Region B, Remember its up to 3 Bucks per year and no more than 2 in any weapon season. 

Sika Deer,  the combined total Antlered Sika bag limit for Archery, Muzzleoader and Firearms Seasons is (3) A hunter may not tag more than 1 antlered Sika deer per Archery, Muzzleloader, Firearms seasons. There is no Bonus deer stamps for Sika Deer.

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Maryland Hunters Harvest 86,542 Deer in 2017-2018 Season

2016-2017 Maryland DRN Deer Harvest Report Click here

2015-2016 Maryland DNR Deer Harvest Report click hereantler rest 2014 Image (2)

DNR Releases 2014-15 Deer Season Results

“The harvest shows a 9 percent decrease from last year’s total of 95,863”

Click on this DNR deer photo or the website link below to read this current report


Maryland DNR 2014-15 Deer Season Results


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Before you purchase a compound bow check out this Great website link to  http://compoundbowchoice.com/ This site has all the specs and great reviews on new and older model bows. Just type in the bow brand and model name in the search box, and get all the info you need to make a smart choice

I do my very best to keep all information up to date and accurate, MarylandBucks.com is not liable for errors on our website, always check you DNR Hunters Guide for exact hunting season dates and bag limits or restrictions. Good luck and i hope you have a safe and rewarding hunting season this year!

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My First Buck!


Thursday December 3rd 1981, 8:30 am, 30-45 degrees Clear Skies, Shotgun Season

It’s been said and it’s true, you never forget your first deer! After many years of missed shots and missed opportunities, I finally harvested my first whitetail deer. I was hunting with my Dad and my Uncle John in 1981 on property owned by the principle of the local school in Harwood Maryland. My Dad placed me in a small patch of woods in a gully between two fields. I found a good log to sit on in the creek bottom since i did not have a tree stand. The temperature was 30 degrees with clear skies. I was the young age of 17 and did not know the simple tricks of wearing the right kind of boots or layers of cloths to stay warm. I remember how cold my hands and feet where as I was trying to keep them warm. my hand where freezing from holding the cold shotgun without gloves. Everything was quite and uneventful when suddenly at 8:30am; I saw 2 deer running down the edge of a field out the corner of my eye. As I lifted my shotgun and turned I saw the 2nd deer in line turn and start cutting down into the woods towards me. It seemed like it was all happening in slow motion; I could even see the steam coming out the deer’s nose as it was running down through the woods. The deer ran right past me at 20 yards, like I wasn’t even there. I aimed my shotgun at its chest and fired a single shot. Then I watched in total disbelief as the deer keep on running as if I missed? My heart just sunk, how the heck could I miss a deer that close? That’ just not possible! I have been waiting for a chance like this for years and now I just blew it!, i thought. I continued to watched the deer run another 40 more yards as it run right into a small tree and fall backwards, to the ground. That’s when I knew I finally got my first deer. Yes this deer was down for good, and it was all mine and bonus, it was a Buck!  YES my very 1st Buck! I couldn’t wait to tell my Dad. I found out later that I actually made a great shot, right through the heart! I was a inexperienced hunter and didn’t know that deer can continue running full speed up to 8 seconds or more even on a very lethal shot. This was the first deer I ever field dressed and I have to admit it felt really good to get my frozen hands warm when I placed them inside the deer’s chest cavity. As for the other deer this buck was running with, it keep going down the field edge straight to my Dad and Uncle John. My Uncle John got that deer with a single shot. I was so very happy to get my first deer and my first Maryland Buck, my mom and dad were proud of me also. I must say this buck has humble beginnings but this buck is a trophy to me. “My 1st Buck Story” by Dave McMullen Sr. Webmaster of MarylandBucks.com

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 Did you Know One Deer can feed 200 people?

Did you also know as a Hunter you can donate your deer to help feed hungry families, with no cost to you? The Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry program FHFH makes this possible with over 40 participating FHFH deer processors through Maryland. For more than a decade FHFH has been returning hunters to their God-given heritage as food providers to those in need. FHFH is a non-profit feeding the hungry program, founded in Maryland in 1997 by Rick Wilson. Presently FHFH is providing meals to food banks in 27 U.S. States. Please remember as a hunter you can make a difference, to help feed hungry families in our local area. To find how you can donate your legally harvested deer, or help this ministry just click on the FHFH AD below, or call FHFH 1-866-438-3434 www.fhfh.org Thank you for your consideration of a donation in advance, Dave


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Here is a good article i found called “40 BEST DEER TIPS” from Outdoor Life Magazine to help make you better hunter this New Year!, click on link below


THE OFF SEASON is the Best time to shed hunt and scout your land for new strategies for next season. Look for rub lines, scrapes and best used deer trails.  This is great time to look for new tree stand placements and signs of other hunters in your area.  Find a tree stand or a hunter on your land call the Maryland DNR Catch a Poacher 24 Hour Hotline 1-800-635-6124


If you know of a event related to deer hunting or deer management. Please contact us and give us the event information for consideration. Together we make MarylandBucks.com the Best website for hunters in Maryland, Thank You Dave.

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