Maryland Deer Processors

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Maryland Deer Processors

Maryland Deer Processors Listed by County

2018-2019 Season List from DNR website

Deer Processors

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources would like to thank the deer processors listed below for their service and cooperation in the Wildlife and Heritage Service’s annual collection of information on Maryland deer. Their efforts help supply the data necessary to manage this popular species. We appreciate their support of the stewardship and management of deer.

B&B Butchering 301-478-2558
B&B Country Meats 301-689-6225
Snurr Bonez Wild Game Processing 301-777-0450
Anne Arundel
Austin’s Deer Processing 410-850-5838
Harwood Butcher Shop 410-212-8803
Ray Hitchcock Taxidermy 410-987-6990
Trophy Care Taxidermy &
Deer Processing 410-282-1118

Rowell’s Butcher Shop 443-295-7449
Deep Branch Custom Cuts 410-310-1246
Knife Box Custom Cuts 443-262-5694
Frases’ Meat Shop 410-673-7249
Richard’s Deer
Shop 410-279-0622
Tuckahoe River Deer Processing 443-786-5199
C & L Deer Processing 410-374-6424
M & G Wild Game Processing 443-375-7138
Buckland’s Deer Processing 443-350-0573
Ron Bennett 443-553-4239
Chuck’s Butcher Shop 301-283-0743
or 301-375-8371
Bucktown Butcher Shop 443-521-4286
Kramer’s Butcher Shop 443-521-7501
The Duck Stop 443-521-7128
or 443-521-2026
Clint’s Cuts 301-865-5120 or 301-748-1505
Pry’s Deer Processing 301-834-8752
Rob’s Deer Shop 301-271-7780
Shuff’s Meat Market 301-271-2231
Butcher Block 301-334-4140
EJ’s Meat Processing 301-245-4409
Second Chance Farms 301-616-7794
KCC Deer Processing 410-836-8166
Alexander’s Deer Processing 410-928-3462
John’s Butcher Shop 410-778-3550
KS Kuts 301-606-5203 or 240-457-1844
Tim Mullinix 240-246-6199
Prince George’s
Harwood Butcher Shop 410-212-8803
Queen Anne’s
Billy Walls 410-778-3511
Emory Creek Processing 410-490-5669
Eddie Johnson Deer Processing 410-603-0047
or 410-603-0046
Holland’s Deer Cutting 410-251-7608
St. Mary’s
Mike McWilliams Wild Game
Processors 301-475-9667 or 240-925-6994
Henry’s Deer Processing 27990 Pt. Lookout Rd.
Ridgells Whitetail Butcher Shop 301-904-0406
Tred Avon Deer Processing 410-310-5895
Banzhoff Butcher Shop 301-223-9326
Ernst Market 301-842-2292
Holsinger’s Meats & Deli 301-733-9263
or 800-733-8883
Sunnyland/Ray Burger’s Meats 301-223-9637
Wolford’s Meat Shop 301-842-3156
Dave’s Cut Em Up
Deer Processing 302-907-0383
Jim’s Custom Cutting 410-749-5546
Longhorn Butcher Shop 410-422-3942
Off The Neck 443-783-3036
Wright Brothers Butchery and Taxidermy
Captain Ron’s Deer Processing 410-627-8189
Sussex County, Delaware
Mark’s Meats and More,LLC 302-933-0307

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