Mineral Blocks Attract Deer

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Mineral Blocks Attract Deer

Mineral Blocks Attract Deer for months! (and cost only $16.00 each) These blocks work best from February-November!

From my experience, most mineral blocks will attract deer, like “Trophy Rock” and powder minerals like “Lucky Buck” and “Deer Cane” work really well to attract deer. But my personal favorite mineral block is the EQUIMIN brand “Horse Mineral Blocks”. I have used these blocks for years all over the state of Maryland with Fantastic results. These blocks are brown in color, they weigh 25lbs and they last 2-3 months in the woods or in a field. These blocks are a great value at about $16.00 each and they have 14% Calcium for antler & bone growth. These minerals benefit pregnant does and the bucks during antler growth. the I tried a cheaper “trace mineral” blocks and found they little to no success drawing deer. The EQUIMIN blocks are much better. These blocks attract all deer of all ages, from does ,pregnant does, fawns to Big Bucks. It’s the best lowest cost way to keep deer coming regularly day and night for months. I found these Mineral blocks work great for 10 months os the year, February-November. Deer don’t seem lick or eat these block during very cold weather. The deer will also eat the dirt that the minerals dissolved into once the block is gone. But i try to replace the block as soon as the other one is gone. Foe best results, place the block on bare dirt, somewhere near a water source, 15 feet from a trail camera, or close to your deer stand?. I buy these Mineral Blocks from my local farm supply store, or you can get them from a Southern States store that carries EQUIMIN products



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