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One very important thing you can do to be successful, in hunting or scouting is, you should wear “Rubber Boots”. Why? because Rubber Boots are non porous, they don’t breathe and let out your scent escape like leather and canvas boots do and that reduces your scent on the ground while walking in the woods or across fields. They also don’t retain air born odors like canvas can. You should always where rubber boots whether your hunting or checking a trail camera or scouting it makes a difference. Before i knew how important this was, i was getting busted by deer all the time. The deer would come down a deer trail and came across the ground i walked on hours before and they would get spooked and cautious before i even had a chance. Now i have deer eating right off the same ground i just walked on minutes before. Their nose is touching the same dirt i stepped on, that’s amazing. You don’t need expensive boots, you just need rubber, rubber knee high boots. I use knee high boots because i tuck my pants legs inside the boots. I don’t want my clothing rubbing against plants and bushes when i walk around. Trust me after 35 years of hunting experience , rubber boots make a difference. Just ask any Hunter if they noticed a difference when the switched to rubber boots. New rubber boots will smell like rubber for a while, but it seems to be a non threatening smell to deer, most guys agree it does not spook deer. If you can buy them months before the season and let them loose the rubber smell. Also never wear them at in a WaWa, Highs, 711 or gas station store. For best results store them in a plastic bag or plastic tote box, never store them in your shed where gas or oils can get on them. I hope this advice can help you be a better hunter and help even the odds with the elusive Maryland Whitetail and Sika deer.

Where to Buy Boots?

Personally i use the low cost Sportsman’s Guild “Guide Gear” brand boots shown below. They cost $44.99 for 400, 800,or 1200 gram for extra cold weather protection. When its 35 degrees or colder i use the “Guide Gear” Ankle Fit Rubber Boots $ 71.99 , they come in 800,1,600 and 2,400 gram for Extreme cold weather protection. I also use 2 pair of socks with these because most tree stands are metal and after a few hours they get really cold. Before i knew better i wore tight fitting boots with a single pair of socks and sometimes i had to get down from my stand just because my feet were frozen and painful, and i need to walk around to warm them up. I am sure my old boots might cost me a chance at a deer or two over the years!


page 28 of the SportsmanGuilde October 2014 “Gear Up for Cold Weather” sales catalog

Men's Guide Gear® Waterproof 400 gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulated Canvas Top Rubber Boots, Realtree AP® BrownGUIDE GEAR WATERPROOF THINSULATE

THE SPORTSMAN’S GUIDE Men’s Guide Gear® Waterproof 400 gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulated Canvas Top Rubber Boots, Realtree AP® Brown

Guilde Gear® Waterproof 1,600 gram Thinsulate™Ankle-fit Rubber Boots

THE SPORTSMAN’S GUIDE Men’s Guide Gear® Waterproof 1,600 gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation Ankle-fit Rubber Boots, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity®


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