Where to Aim on Whitetail Deer

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Where to Aim on Whitetail Deer

Whether you are a 1st time hunter or a season veteran, we all need to study the anatomy of a deer and remember where to aim when shooting at a whitetail deer. It’s a fact that any legal size archery broadhead or caliber of bullet will ethically kill a deer when the shot placement is in the correct spot. There is no one exact place to aim for all angles.You need to aim differently when hunting from a tree stand verses hunting from the ground, when shooting uphill or downhill. It also matters whether a deer is broadside or quartering towards or quartering away from you. The better the shot you make the better the chance you have a quick and easy recovery of your deer. These charts below are examples of where I recommend you place your shot to make a lethal and ethical shot. Once you have a deer in range that you want to harvest, look for the first good opportunity, for a good shot. If the deer is coming you way, let it come closer for a better shot, but to close. Straight down shots are bad angles, 10-20 yards is closest you want. Remember where to aim and “pick a spot”, and  focus 100% on that spot, then follow through. Many times the difference between a Good Shot and a Bad Shot is only a few inches. If your off target just 4″-6″ inches you could lose your deer or have a very hard time recovering your deer. Great shots make hunting a successful and rewarding experience.  I hope you find these charts below  helpful and Good Luck on “Making the Shot”.



where-to-aim-2016-png-doe-in-the-snowwhere-to-aim-walking-away-oct-25-2016-shotwhere-to-aim-2016Where to aim Quartering SHOT.pub Qrt LeftWhere to aim BROADSIDE SHOT_Page_5where-to-aim-bad-shotwhere-to-aim-shooting-down-tree-stand-shotwhere-to-aim-gun-shot-frontalwhere-to-aim-bwf-11-24-2016where-to-aim-broadside-shot-png-2016


Where to aim BROADSIDE SHOT_Page_06


GUN SHOT ONLY! for Bow wait til broadside or quartering away from you!

Where to aim BROADSIDE SHOT_Page_7

on right quartering away aim at opposite leg or between the 2 front legs

Where to aim BROADSIDE SHOT_Page_10

Where to aim BROADSIDE SHOT_Page_11

Shots i don’t recommend taking on Deer are

#1) Head shots, never aim for the head with any weapon, its just no ethical

#2) Straight down from a tree stand with a bow, if you don’t hit the very small 3″ wide spine you will only hit one lung, and that’s not good. Most hunters never even practice this steep angle shot from a tree.

#3) Quartering towards you with bow, the shoulders block most of the lung area and the arrow will exit through the guts and plug up the hole, which leaves very little if any blood trail. Try to wait or get the deer to turn to the left or right?

#4) Running deer, its very hard to hit a running deer correctly, they are moving very fast and they leap up and down, out of 124 deer i have personally tagged, only one deer was running when i shot, its really , really hard to properly hit a running deer.

i am sure there’s more shotes i missed, if you think of another good example? use the contact me page, thanks Dave

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